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Ian Armstrong | UX Design | Creative Leadership
I design and deliver ideas for a better world and I develop people who do the same.


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Recent Work


Dell EMC Subcategory

After completing the largest tech merger in history, Dell EMC had an opportunity to redefine our product purchasing journey. Voice of Customer research suggested over and over again that our users wanted clean, consistent designs and efficient tools to help them make IT purchasing decisions. They didn't want us over-selling to their needs, and they didn't want irrelevant promotional content.

The subcategory template project was taken on as a way to service a user who recognizes that they have a broad need (storage, servers, virtualization, etc) but they don't yet understand how the needs of the business might fit within our dizzying portfolio of hardware and services.

Recognizing that we needed to meet the user at any one of a dozen points in their journey and efficiently get them oriented on their next steps while also providing a robust learn layer, we designed the subcategory as a gateway to more technical conversations later on.


Dell EMC Use Case

The average purchase at Dell EMC is around $800,000, so unlike the rest of our strategically aligned businesses we aren't a transactional enterprise. Everything our company does is strategic and deliberate. Nobody buys a storage server the size of a Viking refrigerator on a whim.

Over the course of a product buying journey, somewhere between problem recognition and commitment to a solution, comes the most important question of all: "is this solution going to work for me?"

The use case experience was designed to provide answers to a thousand different scenarios. It opens with a modern take on the hero - which is to say we begin with an emotional promise. That promise is immediately authenticated by 2-4 value pillars before getting into the details of why they are true. A use case doesn't try to sell the customer's impulse, it tries to match their speed. Only then does it move ahead and ask "hey, perhaps you'd like to take this up with one of our engineers?"


Dell EMC World - Virtual APplication (2017)

After the success of our internal web application, which allowed over 150,000 employees in over 80 countries to take part in the Dell EMC merger, my team was asked to re-invent the virtual experience for Dell EMC World. Our target would be closer to 40,000 viewers but the stakes would be much higher in the public-facing arena.

Because we didn't need to worry about conforming to AEM module standards or SEO compatibility, my team was able to get very blue sky on a pure JavaScript interface. We unpacked several weeks of research as part of a modified Google Ventures style design sprint and built the entire experience, end-to-end, in under six weeks.

The platform went on to power our Internet of Things announcement and makes appearances wherever virtualization of a live event is crucial to its success.

Check out the mobile InVision prototype from 2017 here.